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GLFP.JP (Global Local Friends and Professional Japan) is a social organization networking various 800+ people with diverse professions in international cooperation and local revitalization since 2018. 

The form to register (within 1 min.)Here
There are members (organizations) who are interested in hosting interns with various nationalities in a variety of intern programs as follows.

1) New Tourism: Kiwi Fruits Country Japan
   A new farm in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, where the entire forest is used as a kiwi field. Using the kiwi field as a campsite, we are developing a program that mixes a new environment, education and tourism. Would you like to work in the field as an assistant and come up with a new program?

2) International Cooperation: Marumori Town (Miyagi Prefecture)
Marumori Town, Miyagi Prefecture has been promoting regional development through international cooperation with the Republic of Zambia for over 12 years. The projec received the Chairman's Award from JICA. Would you like to support a regional development program (for example as a translator / an assistant) that utilizes overseas human resources?


3) Education: Online Educational Events for Kids (Kids M)
 For many years, the company has given Japanese children new educational opportunities online (zoom/ metaverse) for children who cannot go outside due to the COVID-19 and others. Would you like to work as an assistant in an educational program about international understanding and social issues?


4) Value-added Agriculture: Nakanojo Town (Gumma Prefecture)
 In Nakanojo Town, Gunma Prefecture, local farmers continue to use new agricultural methods that produce economically proven and environmental-friendly products  such as dried sweet potatoes, tasty apple juice, flowers, and more! Why don't you experience this kind of new agriculture together and develop new products?

5) Research works for future transport: Fracti Co. Ltd.
 This consultancy company is conducting a new survey to change transportation from fast and convenient to fun and attractive. The company developed various new methods for transport research. Would you like to participate in a survey about the new transportation theory in Japan as a foreign student? 

6) Environment: Miraite’s Promotion of Solar-sharing 
It is an NPO that is trying to introduce a new idea of solar sharing, which produce renewable energy and also provude a new source of income for farmers without burdening the environment. Why don't you experience and promote this “Solar Sharing” development of new environmentally friendly energy together at his NPO here?

7) Psychological coaching with Computer: Frontier 75 Co. Ltd.
In order to promote people's beauty and health, this company utilizes a new psychological counseling method using computers.If you are still interested in psychology or computers, why don't you join us at this company to learn about the human mind and computers together and think about new counseling methods?

8) Metaverse:GLFP.JP Leaning with Spatial.io   
The Metaverse is attracting attention as a new place for human communication. GLFP.JP has been developing metaverse utilization for the past two years. Let's learn metaverse technology together and build an online space as a new communication space.

    All of the above programs can be started with a minimum of two days and a maximum of seven days. Beside of the above programs, various other programs are expected to come in, so please register at the form below. Please be noted that there is no compulsory obligation to participate in the program even if you register.

↓Registration Form↓

For more information please contact

T.Miyoshi (Mr.)


GLFP.JP Representative

The above information is updated when the hosting companies/ organizations are updated. Please check the following page for being updated!


This program is made for the event to match JICA scholarship students and Japanese companies & organizations as follows.
JICA Intern
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Enjoy Metaverse!